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2017: A Whole New Year for Medical Missions

Jose's Hands inherited the boundless energy, the insatiable enthusiasm, the unstoppable dedication and the unmeasurable medical vocation that José was all so known for.

Jose's Hands has been breaking its own records from the year of inception, being established as a non-profit organization to honor the late Maj. Jose Jamil Miranda, MD, MPH, US Army. Jose's Hands inherited the boundless energy, the insatiable enthusiasm, and the unmeasurable medical vocation that José was also known for.

We began our path as a medical mission organization in 2009, but it wasn't until 2011 that we were able to make our first trip to the beautiful country of the Dominican Republic and witnessed the lack of medical attention many surrounding villages had. We only managed to scratch the surface of all the needs that the Dominicans (and Haitian immigrants) had had.

After extensive brainstorming, we knew we had to come back. So we did.

Each time we return to the DR, we realize just how many people lack medical attention, and ultimately….just one trip a year wasn't going to cut it.

Fast forward to summer 2017 we are pleased to announce the first Jose's Hands double mission! After a successful trip to Guatemala in May of 2017, two back-to-back missions to the Dominican Republic have been set in place, ready to bring healthcare to those in need.

Beginning this week all through the 30th of July, we will be helping as many people as we can, with a total of 20 medical student ambassadors dedicated to global health. Students like Zara, Nicolas, Alexis, and Fritz-Andre, we are certain that we will help make a difference.

After all these years of service, we are sure that no matter what the circumstances be it monetary or any other type of obstacle, we will keep helping people and bringing healthcare students to countries in dire need of medical attention.

The first group of medical missionaries on the 2017 DR mission!

The whole gang is here! Alex Miranda, the 2017 ambassadors and all the volunteers, ready to begin helping the dominican people.

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