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OTTOM / Jose’s Hands Packing List

What you pack will be key to your comfort and health on this trip. Before you leave your home, carry your luggage around and imagine yourself in a crowded airport.  Remember you will have to carry your own luggage! Each team member is allowed one (1) carry on and one (1) checked piece of luggage. Nothing over 50 pounds! Many team members have packed in a wheeled carry-on and had plenty of clothing for the trip – no need to pack much! Your important items must be in your carry-on (I.e. passport, money and medications).  Please do not bring anything that cannot be replaced or that has a high monetary/sentimental value.  One to the Other Ministries will not be responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. Bring your belongings at your own risk.

Clothing for this trip needs to be modest. Even though you will see many different types and styles of dress, both in and out of the church, we are asking you to place personal preferences aside and dress conservatively. Nothing above the knee for skirts, shorts as long as fingertips when hands are at your sides, and no sleeveless shirts.

Entire Team:

• Notebook/Pen • Travel Documents (Passport/ID/Tickets) Not in suitcase! – Take a picture of both and store in your phone picture gallery • Mission manual • Comfortable walking shoes and church shoes • One nice outfit for church (if interested in attending) Gents: Shirt with collar - no jeans Ladies: skirt or dress - no bare shoulders, knee length • Clothing - pack less than you think you need!

Water Bottle (reusable – you will fill this and carry it with you each day) • Powdered Gatorade (or other flavors to add to water bottles) • Vitamins / Probiotics (suggested to start taking 2 weeks before the trip) • Lock for luggage in hotel room • Toiletries • Sunscreen • Sunglasses • Bathing suit Gents: no Speedos Ladies: Modest One piece (no exceptions)

Voltage converter/transformer (please check online which converter is suitable for the country visiting) you cannot plug in anything without one. OTTOM is not responsible for any fried electronics.

Recommended Items

Jacket for evenings • Small flashlight • Camera • Personal medications (headaches, allergies, something for travelers’ diarrhea/constipation) A small package of prunes is highly recommended. Make sure ALL MAJOR ALLERGIES are disclose to Jose’s Hands team ahead of time. • Travel sized Spanish/English dictionary • Snacks

Small laundry detergent to wash costume in your sink (optional) / small garbage bag to separate dirty clothes • Scrub pants/ T-shirt tops • Personal medical equipment (stethoscope, bp cuff) Labeled with your name on it • Pen Light / Reference Books (or app downloaded on phone not needing internet to access it)Remember don’t pack your passport - carry it with you!

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