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Fundraising for missions: Sample Event Timeline

Sample Event Timeline

3-6 Months Prior

Begin preparing press releases, media advisories and press kits Develop visitor take-home pieces/event printing needs/banners/buttons etc. Begin preparing invitations On-site meeting with caterer and a/v company to go over specific needs Arrange for security.

2-3 Months Prior

Finish addressing invitations and prepare for mailing Add invitation to web site Make sure printed materials are available Send save the date information Arrange for valet/attendant parking Complete plans for promotions Complete program/agenda Begin ticket sales.

4 Weeks Prior

 Mail invitations Designate RSVP personnel Complete press kits/press invitations Complete press room arrangements Begin press coverage/talk show arrangements Complete all required printing Complete volunteer recruitment Finalize theme décor/floral/signage Finalize seating Finalize registration/welcome.

2-3 Weeks Prior

 Mail press releases and advisories Go over physical layout and follow-up with staff, a/v company and caterer Remind staff/employees about event Complete checklist review.

1 Week Prior

 Complete event walk through with all appropriate personnel, including location staff Check all materials Complete tour training Send employee reminder Follow-up on press release with calls to media Follow-up on photo opportunities with calls to media Set TV/radio appearances Complete RSVP and give attendance numbers to catere Review checklist.

Day of Event

 Put out fires

1 Week Following Event

 Write thank you notes Hold thank you party Complete satisfaction surveys Meet for review and ideas for next year .

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