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EMMAUS / Jose's Hands Packing List

Updated: May 14, 2019

Mission shirts must be worn on the day of departure and return in order to facilitate matters at the airport, no exceptions!

Departure protocol:

Airport 3 hours before the departure time.

We will check in as a group. DO NOT CHECK IN PRIOR ON YOUR OWN!

If you are leaving on a different flight, you also must be with the group at check in at 8:00 AM (subject to change, please email Ailen about details on this).

Meeting at American Airlines drop off area by Starbucks. (If all flying out as a group).

Look for the men in the EMM Polo’s to help you with your duffel bag.

Bags are packed according to specialty or specific medications (example: pediatrics bag, triage bag, surgery bag, internal medicine bag, etc. or antibiotics bag, GI bag, blood pressure bag, etc.) This will make our job easier in setting up the clinic.

Each bag numbered/labeled and added to the master list:

You are responsible to bring your duffel bags to the airport in the morning.

Everyone taking a duffel bag must complete the “Inventory Form” that has been emailed, typed up on Excel, and sent back to

Teenagers must be accompanied by an adult or a responsible guardian, and must be able to sleep with others of the same sex.

No ipods/Ipads allowed, as there is no wifi.

Affidavit is necessary for any minor (<18 y/o traveling without a parent)

There needs to be a strong spiritual focus during the mission.

No Alcohol allowed.

For liability & safety reasons, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any team member leave the group/compound. If this does occur (and they need to be forewarned) they will be removed from all future missions.

DO NOT give any MONEY to the people of Guatemala.

Everyone should be taking a probiotic daily, starting now and until the end of the trip. Recommended Culturelle (2 weeks prior to departure)


Where will the group be staying/sleeping?

In bunk beds at Misioneros del Camino home for kids.

What not to bring?

Hair dryers (unless battery operated), toilet paper.

What to bring?

Personal toiletries.


Scrubs, jeans, sweater/jacket, T-shirts, sneakers, sandals for shower

Mosquito repellent **********

Current Temperature: RAINY.

How many bags can I check in? (For those on exact flight with Emmaus)

None! Only duffle bags filled with medicines & supplies will be checked in. Team members will only be allowed to take 1 carry-on bag with them. 2 duffle bags required per person.

Carry on: 22in long, 14 in wide, 9 in high.

Liquids no more than 3.4oz, and placed in separate clear zip lock bag (8x8)

Do I need to bring food?

No, 3 meals will be provided.

You may bring snacks (keep in your pockets) to munch on during clinical since we have very long days.

Will bottled water be provided?

Yes, do not drink the tap water under any circumstances. Brush your teeth with bottled water.

Is the area safe/secure?

Yes, and security is provided even during transportation.

Do I need a Passport?

Yes, and all passports must be valid for 6 months after date of travel. If not, the airline will not allow you to board.

Is there running water & electricity?


What should I wear on the departure day?

EMM shirt, jeans, comfortable shoes – NO SANDALS.

If I have an emergency back home or a family member needs to reach me while I'm away, what number should they call in Guatemala?

Misioneros del Camino 011-502-7833-1433 or 011-502-7833-1436

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